In this edition of Meet the Board, we introduce our second set of board members who are professionals in the finance industry. Meet Phil Petraglia and Karen Bostick.

Phil Petraglia

Phil Petraglia

Philip Petraglia is Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse.

Tell us a little bit about your career in finance.

After graduation from Westminster College, I worked several years in public accounting doing audit and tax work with a focus on small and medium sized companies. From there, I worked for a specialty steel manufacturer, a zoo, and a software startup.  Presently I am CFO of the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse where we work with life science entrepreneurs to assist with commercializing their technology.

What made you want to join the River City Brass Board of Directors?

Simply put, I love the sound of brass bands.  I have zero musical ability or knowledge but have great appreciation for the music of brass bands.  My wife and I have been subscribers for almost 20 years and I wanted to get involved and help.  I was thrilled when they invited me to join the Board.

Best spot in the ‘Burgh?

View from Mt. Washington overlooking the city.  My father grew up on Mt. Washington, my grandfather had a small bar and restaurant overlooking the City, and I spent many years as a kid visiting there.  No matter how many times I go up there, the view is still spectacular each and every time!

Favorite RCB concert series to date?

Even as a child, I’ve always been a little partial to Big Band music.  However, James has introduced a wide variety of music and I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate every genre played by the band.  For example, I had never heard “Pines of Rome” until the Band played it a couple years ago and now I’ll play it often on Y.

Karen Bostick with her son, Noah.

Karen Bostick with her son, Noah.

Karen Bostick is an Investment Advisor Representative at Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC.

Tell us a little bit about your career in finance.

My very first job upon graduating college was with Federated Investors, Pittsburgh’s hometown money manager.

It was the best entry into the investment world for me – excellent training, a strong focus on ethical business practices, with a vibrant and exciting company!

After many successful years providing products and services to Financial Advisors across the country, I made the change to the ‘other side of the desk’ and became an Advisor in 2001. I spent 13 years providing wealth management and retirement solutions to individual clients and businesses through a small community Bank in the Pittsburgh area. In 2014, I established my own independent company to serve a broader range of clients, all the while staying true to the original tenets of good business practices learned at Federated. I look forward to each workday – the challenges and the opportunities to help people in our community achieve financial security.

What made you want to join the River City Brass Board of Directors?

When my only son went off to college in 2014, I began seeking productive and interesting ways to fill my newly found free time. As a longtime follower of the RCB, I was thrilled when a current BOD member – my good friend Lisa Valletto – invited me to consider the opportunity. I’m a music lover and supporter of ‘all things Pittsburgh’, and promoting the RCB feels like an excellent (and fun) way to share my time and talents.

What are some hobbies you enjoy?

Travel. Food. Wine. My top three without a doubt.

Oh, and watching sports. Lots of sports! Pirates. Steelers. Penguins. Pittsburgh can’t be beat for following professional sports.

I’m most excited about Pittsburgh’s thriving dining scene. We are fortunate to have an amazing range of cuisine to enjoy, and the caliber of chefs that have been attracted to our city!

Whether U.S. or abroad, I enjoy the education and adventure of discovering new destinations.

Dream vacation?

It was Ireland last year – unforgettable!

Right now I would say Italy is at the top of my list. (Travel. Food. Wine.)
But in the short-term, I’ll be settling for a Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour this fall : )