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RCB Conservatory of Music is made possible by the Buhl Foundation, the Grable Foundation, and the Jack Buncher Foundation.

Instrumental Music - Grades 4 -12

Led by James Gourlay, Paul Thompson, Aubrey Ploesch, and Bill McCafferty, instrumental music students will have the opportunity to play music outside of the traditional orchestral genres. Students will study in sectionals and rehearse in ensembles based on their skill level. Open to beginner and intermediate musicians.

The instrumental music program serves students who play a woodwind, string, brass, or percussion instrument.

Tuition for Spring 2017 (10 sessions): $150

Voice & Musical Theater - Grades 4-12

Led by Mindy Rossi-Stabler and Demareus Cooper, musical theater/voice students will work on choral arrangements and choreography. Open to all skill levels.

Tuition for Spring 2017 (10 Sessions): $150

Conservatory Staff

Tuition is waived for Pittsburgh Public School students.

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