Polished Brass

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Polished Brass

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Much like a typical concert by the River City Brass, this recording features a variety of classical compositions based on traditional folk songs and dances, soulful hymns, the lilting strains of a waltz, and the majestic air of ceremonial fanfares. This is the River City Brass Band's 15th recording, released in 2002 by Summit Records, Inc.

Track List:

  1. Harlequin
  2. Gaelforce
  3. The Fifth of August (Brigg Fair)
  4. Hometown Miniatures
  5. Gopak (Sorochinsky Fair)
  6. My Tribute
  7. Scaramouche
  8. Grover's Corners
  9. Maids of Cadiz
  10. Light Cavalry Overture
  11. Hora Staccato
  12. Fanfare and Theme
  13. The Day Though Gavest (St. Clement)